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"Protect the Children" Weekly Vigil

Since June 22nd, commuters heading home through downtown Sellersville on Friday afternoons have seen a number of people standing on the corner of Main Street and Temple Avenue holding signs.

The signs say things like “End Family Detention” and “Re-Unite the Families” — messages concerning the recent situation involving over 2000 immigrant children being separated from their families at the border with Mexico.

The separations were ordered by the Trump administration in June, but public outcry forced them to rescind the order, and to try to reunite the families. Nevertheless, as of the most recent reports, there are still hundreds of children in detention, some under the age of 5.

The ongoing vigil, organized by members of the Pennridge Democrats and Upper BuxMont Rising, strives to bring awareness to this problem. The organizers want to make sure that people don’t forget about these children — the situation has not been resolved, and hundreds of the children are still not united with their parents.

This kind of traumatic separation can cause irreparable psychological harm to these kids.

The vigil will be held every Friday, from 4:30 to 6:00 until all the children are back with their families, and there is no more indefinite family detention.

#ProtecttheChildren #Imigration