Elections can be Confusing...

The Pennridge Dems are Here To Help!

Here are the Basics...

The first thing to know is...

there are two elections* EVERY YEAR .


  • A Primary in Spring (April or May)

  • A General Election in Fall (November)

You should vote in BOTH every year. (Here's why)

*Rarely, there are also Special Elections.


The next thing to know is...

You MUST REGISTER in PA to vote. 

​This is so that the state knows you are a resident of Pennsylvania.   While registering, you can affiliate with a party (like Democrat, Republican or other) or remain unaffiliated (Independent).

  • Independents cannot participate in Primary elections in Pennsylvania.

  • Minor parties very rarely participate in primary elections.

The last important thing to know is...

You can STILL VOTE even if you can't get to the polling station on election day. 

You can request an Absentee Ballot if:

  • You will be away on election day or

  • You are not able to get to the polls

Once you get the Absentee Ballot in the mail, fill it out and mail it back by the deadline listed on the form.

absentee ballot pic.jpg

If you need help getting or understanding how to fill out an absentee ballot, contact your committee person and we will make sure you get the help you need!


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