2019 Election Results

For Perkasie, Sellersville, East/West Rockhill?


The Dems continued to produce excellent results from all your hard work educating and turning out voters!  When people know the issues and come out to vote, Dems win.

In 2019 the Bucks Dems:

  • Won the majority of the Bucks County commissioners (1st time in 30 yrs)

  • Won all four "row officers" (department head) seats.  (Dems now head 10/12 County depts)

  • Democratic Judges won two of the three Bucks Common Pleas judgeships (the top 2 were Dems and our third candidate lost to the top R by the narrowest of margins). 

  • Flipped control of 8 municipalities (including West Rockhill!)

  • In Pennridge 50% more Democrats turned-out in 2019 than in 2017!  (1,797 to 2,698)

Unfortunately, despite and AMAZING campaign run by the OnePennridge team, the democratic ticket lost the school board races.  They outperformed the party turnout* but couldn't quite overcome the incumbency advantages that the current school board has. 

Thanks again to all those who supported us and voted.    As the BCDC Chair stated "This doesn’t just happen. This isn’t just the product of a Blue Wave. These wins are the result of having a large group of dedicated people working tirelessly towards one goal. The strategy was correct. The execution was flawless. And the results prove that out."

​​The 'unofficial', but much more readable, Bucks county May primary election results can be found here.  These numbers are very close to the 'official' certified results, which can be found at the Bucks County Board of Elections website here.


*In 2019 for Pennridge, 41% of the people who voted were registered Democrats, 51% were Republicans and 8% were Independent.  On average, OnePennridge captured 46% of the votes. This means Dems outperformed their party % by 5 points.  Republicans outperformed their party by only 2%.


Nov2019 results.jpg

* Shaded green means that Dem candidate(s) got more votes than R candidate(s).

Only showing contested Municipal races.  For official results, see the Bucks County Board of Elections website.