2020 Primary, Apr 28th

What's on the Ballot for Perkasie, Sellersville, E/W Rockhill?

This year's ballot is simpler than usual!

We don't quite know who exactly will be on the ballot because the due date for petitions is not for another few days.


Only Democrats will be on the democratic primary ballot.  We will post the information when we get the Bucks County Board of Elections announces.


We do know what offices will be on the ballot.  They are listed below with a few comments for the political wonks in the audience.

US President

I'm sure all of the big names will be there...

US Congress

Right now, there are 2 announced Dem candidates:  Christina Finello and Skylar Hurwitz.

State Representative

Pennridge is in the PA 145th Assembly District.  Robyn Colajezzi is the Dem candidate challenging the Republican incumbent.

State Exec Offices

  • Attorney General

  • Auditor General

  • Treasurer

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