2019 May Primary Results

For Perkasie, Sellersville, East/West Rockhill?


A big "Thanks!" to all who vote in the May primary. 


The 'unofficial', but much more readable, Bucks county May primary election results can be found here.  At the bottom of the webpage you can see the results broken down by each Pennridge local municipality.   These numbers are very close to the 'official' certified results, which can be found here.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • The Democratic turn out was fabulous. 

    • The official counts are not released yet, but it appears that the Pennridge Dems increased their turnout from the 2017 primary by over 25%!

    • All five Dem-endorsed School Board candidates, received more votes than the top candidate in the Republican endorsed slate.  Below, we have provided the counts.*

    • All three Dem-endorsed Common Pleas Judicial candidates won on the Democratic ticket.  (One of these candidates, Jessica VanderKam, lives in West Rockhill).


*transcribed, so if you do take the time to check and see a wrong number, please let us know!

School Board

Typically, in a Primary, The Democrats and the Republicans are on separate ballots and so the results are not very useful, except to get a sense of turnout (party enthusiasm).

School Board (and Judgeship) elections are different because of cross-filing.  Crossfiling allows the candidates to appear on both ballots.  This means that a Republican can actually win on Democratic ballot and appear in the Dem (as well as Republican) column in the general election.  We don't like this but 'it is what it is' and so the Pennridge Dems are always here to help!

All School Board candidates cross-filed and so we are showing both the Democratic ballot (top) and the Republicant ballot (bottom) results*. 

The names in blue indicate the Democrat-endorsed candidates.  The names in Red are registered Republican candidates (we don't know who was endorsed).  

SchoolBoard May2019.jpg

*For official results, see the Bucks County Board of Elections website.