2018 "Midterm" Pennridge Election Results

There were five races (Gov & Lt. Gov are combined) in the four municipalities that we collectively call Pennridge. The Democratic candidates won three of the five races in Bucks and overall.


In Pennridge, the Democratic Governor won handily, while Senator Casey essentially split the almost 11,000 votes cast by Pennridge voters this year.


In Nov 2018 , 35% of the 17,031 Pennridge registered voters are Democrat, 48% are Republican and 16% are Independents.  Despite this, Democratic candidates captured a significantly higher percentage of Pennridge votes than that breakdown (see rightmost column below). 

2018 Election Results.jpg

How 2018 Pennridge Election Results compare with 2014.

2014 was the last Midterm election.  Except for US Senate, the same races were on the ballot. 


By every measure in Pennridge, the 2018 election was far better for the Democrats than in 2014.


In November 2014, 36% of the 15,862 Pennridge people registered to vote were Democrat, 47% were Republican and 17% were Independents.   Almost 7,900 voters voted in 2014 (50%), compared with 11,100 in 2018 (66%). Both parties saw an increase in turnout, but Democrats clearly improved their numbers in Pennridge.

In 2014, the Democrats turned out 49% of our Democratic voters.  The Republicans turned out 57%.

In 2018, the Democrats turned out 68% of our Democratic voters.  The Republicans turned out 69%.

In 2014, Democrats made up 35% of the total voters.  Republicans made up 54% of the total voters.

In 2018, Democrats made up 37% of the total voters.  Republicans made up 51% of the total voters.


As you can see in the chart below, in 2014 all of the Democratic candidate lost in 2014 in Pennridge by significant margins (last column below).

2014 Election Results.jpg