2018 Election, November 6th

What's on the Ballot for Perkasie, Sellersville, E/W Rockhill?

There are six offices on the Ballot this year.

  • Governor

  • Lt. Governor

  • US Senate

  • US Congress

  • PA State Senate

  • PA State House

As a way to quickly introduce you to the Democratic Candidates, below are short videos from each of the Democrats running for the offices that will on this year's ballot for our area.   There are no ballot measures.

State-Wide Offices

Bucks County

Governor:  Tom Wolf* (Democrat); Scott Wagner (Republican);  Paul Glover (Green)

Tom Wolf is considered a progressive governor amidst a very conservative state Congress (largely due to Republican Gerrymandering in 2010).  He believes in ending Gerrymandering; Banning drilling in the Delaware River Basin; increasing minimum wage; Infrastructure investment; renewable energy; supporting Affordable Care Act (Obamacare); Women’s right to choose. 

https://www.wolfforpa.com ; http://www.ontheissues.org/Tom_Wolf.htm.

Scott Wagner is a very outspoken and conservative former PA state senator (he resigned in May 2018 to run for governor).  He is pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-union, anti-regulation (including/especially environmental regs) and an outspoken Trump supporter.  

Lt. Governor:  John Fetterman (Democrat) ; Jeff Bartos (Republican) ; Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (Green)

John Fetterman is the mayor of Braddock PA and is working class champion and innovative public servant.  He is a very colorful man who has given several "TED Talks" for his work to rejuvenate Braddock.  He became ‘famous’ after the NYT wrote an article about him


https://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/13/magazine/13Fetterman-t.html; https://johnfetterman.com


Jeff Bartos is largely an unknown and has not held public office before.  He is campaigning jointly with Scott Wagner

US Senator:   Bob Casey* (Democrat) ; Lou Barletta (Republican) ; Neal Gale (Green

Bob Casey is considered a moderate senator who partners with Republican senators on some issues. Since the 2016 election, he has passionately opposed many of the actions taken by the Trump administration- particularly protecting the ACA, workers rights, and senior and children protection (like CHIP). He is a thoughtful and polite politician. 


Lou Barletta is notorious as the Hazleton Mayor who, in 2006, spearheaded an ordinance to crackdown on illegal immigrants.  (This was found to be unconstitutional). Barletta is a staunch Trump supporter.

US Congress:   Scott Wallace (Democrat)  vs Brian Fitzpatrick*  (Republican)

Scott Wallace is progressive candidate is passionate about getting money out of politics, fighting climate change and women’s rights (both of his parents served terms as president of Planned Parenthood of Bucks county). His grandfather was Vice President to Franklin Roosevelt and Scott has been at the helm of the Wallace Global Foundation. 


Brian Fitzpatrick was elected in 2016 after his brother, Michael Fitzpatrick retired from congress.  Brian supports environmental controls (good), voted against repeal of the ACA (good), but voted for the 2017 tax bill which gave corporations and the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans over 80% of the tax cuts, guts key portion of the ACA and will increase the deficit.

PA Senate:   Steve Santarsiero (Democrat) vs Marguerite Quinn (Republican)

Steve Santarsiero is a former PA House representative serving the Yardley-Newtown area for four terms. He is a Lawyer, turned History teacher turned PA House Legislator.   He believes the best way to build the economy is to invest in everyday people.  He is the real deal when it comes to helping his community. 


Magarite Quinn is a PA representative for the Doylestown, Plumsteadville, Ottsille areas.  She is a moderate Republican but doesn’t seem to stand up to the more extreme right-wingers of her party.

PA House:   Brian Kline (Democrat) vs Craig Staat*  (Republican)

Brian Kline is a former Journalist turned health care advocate after surviving a bout with cancer and now relies on the ACA (ObamaCare) to retain his health insurance and to be able to afford his follow up care.  Brian has worked for and with multiple community organizations and is both an outsider to politics and very knowledgeable of the PA political landscape. 


https://www.klineforupperbucks.com  ;   https://turnpablue.org/candidate/brian-kline-pa-house-145

Craig Staat is the current representative for our PA house district.  He strikes me as a “back-bencher” – meaning, he just takes direction from the Republican leadership and votes as he is told.  He has initiated very few bills.  Craig Staat voted against the 2018 Gerrymandering reform bill (Fair Districts) in committee helping to kill the effort to stop politicians from drawing the boundaries for their own districts.

* Incumbent